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CBSD Breeding and Pre-Breeding for Africa

15 June 2022

Diagnostics and phenotyping tools

Stephan Winter / Samar Sheat
Leibniz Institute DSMZ

Resistant varieties pipeline development and deployment in Africa

Edward Kanju

Current status of CBSD prevalence in Africa

James Legg

Cyclic improvement for CBSD resistance and pre-breeding strategies in Uganda

Robert Kawuki

Frontiers in CBSD root necrosis imaging and genomic prediction in Uganda

Leah Nandudu
Cornell University

QTL Associated with Field Resistance to CBSD

Morag Ferguson

Introgression of resistance to CBSD

Heneriko Kulembeka

Pre-emptive breeding for West Africa

Chukwuka Ano
Makerere University / NRCRI


23 March 2022

Introduction, history, and overview of CassavaBase

Lukas Mueller
Boyce Thompson Institute

Managing the cassava trait ontology through CassavaBase

Naama Menda
Boyce Thompson Institute

Image management and analysis in CassavaBase

Bryan Ellerbrock
Boyce Thompson Institute

CassavaBase and intercross integration, markerset and accession search, ordering system

Titima Tantikanjana
Boyce Thompson Institute

Analysis and selection tools using phenotypic and genotypic Information

Isaak Tecle
Boyce Thompson Institute

NIRS Analysis pipeline

Nick Morales
Boyce Thompson Institute

Implementing CassavaBase for improving breeding management and quality control

Prasad Peteti

Cassava Genomics

12 January 2022

Metabolomic capture of cassava diversity and its application

Laura Perez-Fons
Royal Holloway/University of London

Working towards genomic selection based on molecular activity in cassava

Ed Buckler

RNAi-mediated resistance to cassava brown streak disease: development and delivery to farmers in East Africa

Nigel Taylor
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Developing genetic and epigenetic strategies to reduce susceptibility to bacterial blight

Kiona Elliott
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Genome-wide association studies for cassava brown streak disease

Leah Nandudu
Cornell University

Genomics-assisted recurrent selection and hybrid breeding in cassava

Xiaofei Zhang

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