Empowering smallholder farmers through innovative, sustainable cassava breeding.


NextGen varieties released in Nigeria


NextGen Cassava connects cutting-edge crop science to cassava farmers, processors and consumers to serve the needs of the people who grow, process and consume cassava every day.

Improved Breeding

NextGen employs constant quality control improvements, such as the incorporation of disease-resistant germplasm from Latin America (the birthplace of cassava) into breeding populations, and the implementation of cutting-edge breeding techniques–such as genomic selection–that increase genetic gain.

Product Profiles and Variety Adoption

NextGen uses innovative research methods to identify traits preferred by men and women farmers and consumers in our target countries for particular food qualities. This ensures that NextGen Cassava breeding is demand-driven and inclusive, and makes our varieties much more likely to be adopted.

Maximizing Impact

NextGen enables African cassava breeding operations to move toward greater capacity through emulation of NextGen Cassava’s model of optimized breeding schemes, cassava varieties with increased yield, disease resistance, and other preferred traits can be delivered directly into the hands of smallholder farmers.

NextGen Cassava’s activities are organized around three primary divisions: breeding, research, and survey.





With cutting edge technology, NextGen shortens cassava’s breeding cycle by half


NextGen has created the model for outsourcing high-end research to our partners

Capacity Building

Training the next generation of cassava breeders and working closely with NARS


NextGen identifies customer’s needs for a demand-driven breeding pipeline

NextGen Cassava is plant breeding for Africa's food future

cassava leaves

Where We Work

NextGen Cassava’s international, cross-disciplinary team is comprised of 13  institutional partners across eight countries on four continents, each contributing their expertise to make the project’s goals a reality. Learn more about our partner institutions, donor organizations, and related projects.

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