NextGen Cassava

Empowering farmers through innovative, sustainable cassava breeding


"Cassava isn’t just meant to be grown — it’s a staple food for majority of smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa,” says @PBirikano. “I wanted to find a scientific way to understand the traits end-users actually want.” #endhunger

Penetrating consumer demand for cassava - NextGen Cassava

by Matt Hayes The cassava just wouldn’t cook right. The improved variety grew incredibly well, but put it in the pot, and the expected consisten...

Strong partnerships are leading to a more food secure #Africa. Discover how our partnership with
@wacci_gh is leading to improved cassava varieties for West and Central Africa. #foodsecurity

Cassava brown streak disease causes total loss when it strikes.

NextGen #cassava scientists are on the case to protect the crop & empower farmers through innovative, sustainable breeding @CornellGlobal @BTIscience @Nacrri_ug #plantsci